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A Beautiful Rural-ality

Pocahontas County, West Virginia. Photo courtesy of Leanne Stowers

With the COVID-19 pandemic catching fire through sprawling cityscapes, some folks may want to take more than a holiday from the neighborhood.  If you’re ready for a change of pace, an affordable cost of living, a stable business climate, world-class educational facilities, breathtaking vistas and views, and out-of-this-world recreation, West Virginia should be on your short list, if not number one with a bullet.

West Virginia is a retreat.  A place of privacy and safety.  West Virginia is an oasis of rolling hills and abrupt mountains, streams that whisper, rivers that shout, trails that meander in solace and offer reflection and cities that bustle with character.  West Virginia is home, vacation and farm getaways.

West Virginian’s are safe in our hills and we have deep roots in our communities. We’re people of faith, hope, help, determination, and ambition.  We’re creative, innovative, welcoming and motivated.  We walk among the ancient, massive oaks and maples that have watched wildlife, hunters and the mountaineers that came before us.  We can see the sky and stars and do not have to run from the shadows of skyscrapers to feel the sun.

West Virginia is home to high-tech, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing, chemicals, plastics, and energy.  Our businesses adapt and shift in times of crisis and thrive in our business climate.  Our educational institutions teach, nurture, and partner with industry.

With our affordable cost of living, our way of life is easy and comfortable.  West Virginia is the little engine that does.

West Virginia is a retreat, its own state of mind.  A beautiful rural-ality and that’s why we call it home.


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