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Apprenticeship In Motion

What is a modern apprenticeship?  Apprenticeship In Motion (AIM) is apprenticeship – The Next Generation.  AIM promotes and expands non-traditional apprenticeships in West Virginia and is a combination of classroom and on-the-job training.   

Completely employer driven, companies set in motion an apprenticeship model that trains an apprentice based on the unique needs of business.  A company is in complete control of hiring, training and choosing a training partner; whether it’s a community college, a career and technical education center or some other training provider. 

Apprenticeships are making a comeback with industry across the United States, according to this recent Forbes article:

Apprenticeships benefit industry by delivering a highly skilled employee trained the company’s way, lowers turnover rates and investment in recruitment.  Apprenticeships increase employee productivity and delivers a more diverse workforce.

Apprenticeships benefit job seekers by earning wages while training and working on-the-job.  In addition, they acquire improved skills and competencies, can earn higher wages as their skills increase, and gain nationally recognized credentials aiding in career advancement.  Further, apprenticeship affords the opportunities of high-paying jobs without mounds of student debt.

By investing in an apprenticeship program, companies build lasting relationships with employees; fostering trust and loyalty.  Apprentices tend to stay with the companies they train with longer than other employees, reducing employer costs, according to the Dept. of Labor.

The United States workforce will be reduced by 40 percent within 10 years due to retirement.  Businesses can help keep young people in their communities, grow and develop their workforce and can thrive through modern apprenticeship programs.


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